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Training to dive a KISS Rebreather

As with most rebreathers, training is a requirement to purchase and dive a KISS rebreather. To find a KISS instructor, you may use our map below based on your desired geographic training location. 

Use the category option on the map to filter your desired results. Know that some instructors can teach, but are not authorized to sell units. Also some dealers do not offer instruction, just parts only. 

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Dealers with rental units to try

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Service Centers

Rebreather training classes are typically 5-6 days long, although sometimes longer depending on a number of factors, including the training agency, your local conditions, your instructor, and your ability to satisfy the class standards. 

KISS Rebreathers is a member of the Rebreather Education and Safety Association (RESA,) whose training standards stipulate that an entry level rebreather class must be a minimum of 40 hours in length, with no less than 7 dives. 

Training can be done prior to purchasing a unit or in conjunction with purchasing one. Students who wish to take the class without buying a rebreather may make arrangements for a rental rebreather with their instructor. (Not every instructor has rentals available.) Those who purchase a unit prior to training will receive their unit in non-operating condition. A key component, usually the manual addition valve, is missing, and sent directly to your instructor. 


KISS rebreather courses are taught through the following training agencies:

Please be sure to check with the respective agency's website to ensure the instructor is in current teaching status.

4 KISS Rebreather instructors from Divetech Grand Cayman

Training, what to expect

KISS Rebreathers takes your training seriously. Follow this link to learn more about KISS rebreathers training QA process. 

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