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Kim Mikush

Kim Mikush

General Manager

Kim started diving in 1990, and with an interest in technical diving moved to rebreathers in the late 90’s. In 1999 she started working for KISS, one of the oldest continuously operating rebreather manufacturers in the North American and international market. Her business background includes being a former dive shop owner, working in the finance and securities industry, and also owned and operated both Jetsam Technologies Ltd. (KISS Rebreathers) and KISS Manufacturing Ltd. from January 2006 to October 2012.  

When Kim took over the business in 2006, she carried on the KISS line of mechanically controlled rebreathers, and continued with the design and development of the Classic Explorer, Sport KISS, and introduced the GEM semi-closed rebreather in 2011. Kim worked closely with Mike Young for several years, who was in charge of Product Development. In October 2012, Kim sold KISS Rebreather’s to Mike and the company moved to the United States.

While Kim was the owner of KISS Rebreathers, she ensured that good business practices were followed, quality equipment and parts were provided, and ensured proper training procedures were in place. She was also instrumental in designing a Quality Assurance program for KISS Rebreather's under the ISO standard as well as making KISS Rebreathers a member of the Rebreather Education & Safety Association (RESA). Kim is one of the officers of RESA and KISS Rebreathers currently holds the position of President. She is located in the Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada, and continues to work as a consultant with KISS.

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