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Training, what to expect

It is the duty of all rebreather manufacturers to ensure that when a diving system is sold, our clients are able to confidently choose a training agency and instructor that will fulfill the training requirement.

The KISS Rebreather LLC Training Quality Assurance program outlines our position. As a RESA member, KISS has dedicated much time to the development of industry training standards, that exceed other standards. KISS is happy to incorporate the RESA standards into the KISS standards.

It is our goal to ensure that all students receive the training that they need, and have paid for. As such, we have created evaluation forms which outline the minimum required skills by KISS Rebreathers. Each form outlines the skills, along with performance scoring, and confirmation signatures by both the instructors and students. At the completion of each course the instructor must email this form to KISS at, This ensures that the student is listed as a qualified and trained KISS diver. Please note that the skills listed are the KISS minimum standards, and each training agency may require extra work.

Each program has an evaluation form:

Students should also be aware that all KISS instructors are required to register with KISS Rebreather LLC. Instructor registration provides KISS with important information, which will aid us in providing a positive training experience for all KISS divers.

KISS Rebreather LLC strongly recommends all KISS divers get proper training. There is no substitute for proper training. It is only through proper training that KISS divers can be fully aware of the risks of rebreather diving, and how to best prepare themselves.

The RESA 10-point plan

As a rebreather manufacturer for many years, and a founding member of RESA, it is clear to us that there are a number of important points for all rebreather divers to remember. We encourage all rebreather divers regardless of experience, to read the safety plan, and follow these guidelines.

RESA recommends, Dive Rebreathers safely by following this 10 point plan

Training Quality Assurance Program

1. All KISS instructors must be registered with KISS Rebreather LLC. KISS requires the KISS Rebreather LLC - Instructor Registration Form to be completed in full, and emailed back to,

The information on this form is required to ensure,

  • all KISS instructors are in Active Status.

  • all KISS instructors are current.

  • all KISS instructors are fully insured.

  • all KISS instructors have registered the unit names & serial numbers that they own.

  • all KISS instructors have registered their full names & contact information.

  • all KISS instructors have registered the names of all the training agencies through which they teach, and list the names of all KISS courses which they are certified to teach.

  • all KISS instructors understand that for all courses taught, a Course Evaluation Form must be completed in full, and returned via email to,


Upon successful registration, and proof of Active Status, KISS will provide the instructors name and email information to potential students in their area. Should the instructor wish for KISS to NOT provide this information to potential students, simply let us know.

2. Course Evaluation Forms must be completed for all KISS courses. Regardless if the student has purchased a new or used KISS Rebreather, all instructors must fill in the appropriate Course Evaluation Form for each class.

This form outlines the skills in the KISS minimum training standards which all students must complete. It should be noted that KISS approved training agencies may add to these standards. Upon completion of the course the form(s) should be completed in full with both instructor and student signatures, and the completed document(s) emailed to,

3. KISS Minimum Training Standards are to be published and readily available to anyone who wishes to see them. As such, they will be inserted into the back of each Retail KISS Rebreather manual, published on the KISS website,, emailed to each KISS approved training agency, and to all Active Status instructors.

4. Training is required for all clients who purchase a new rebreather from either KISS Rebreather LLC or authorized dealer. While diving systems may be shipped directly to the diver, a key piece of equipment will be shipped directly to the diver’s instructor.

5. Appropriate waivers are required for all clients who purchase a rebreather from either KISS Rebreather LLC or authorized dealer.

6. KISS Rebreathers will provide information to those divers who have purchased a used KISS rebreather. Information will be provided on the KISS website,, with information about registration and training.

7. KISS Rebreathers encourages all KISS rebreather owners, new and used, to register with KISS Rebreather LLC. Information required would be the divers full name, contact information (email address is important), which unit they are diving, serial number, if they are trained and the name of their instructor. *NOTE: While KISS strongly encourages proper training, KISS divers should not be discouraged from registering if they are not trained. Due to the nature of our industry, there are times when important information must be passed on to our divers. We do not do email marketing, and divers’ private information will never be used for that.

8. KISS rebreathers encourage all KISS rebreather owners, and Active Status instructors to join the official KISS Rebreather Facebook pages.

KISS rebreather owners are encouraged to join, KISS Rebreather Divers – Official Page, and instructors are encouraged to join, KISS Rebreather Instructors – Official Page. These pages aid KISS in providing important information to all rebreather owners and instructors.

9. KISS Rebreather LLC requires that all procedures and standards be met. To be a KISS instructor in good standing, and be considered Active Status instructors must,

compete the Instructor registration form, and email it to,
complete the course evaluation form(s) for each KISS training course. The fully completed form must be emailed to KISS at, upon the student completing the program(s).
be in good standing, and Active Status with the training agency through which they teach, and conduct themselves accordingly as a professional instructor. Provide copies of training information (dive logs and training materials) to KISS Rebreather LLC upon request.

Any KISS instructor that fails to meet the required obligations, or has violated teaching standards may be placed in suspended status. A suspended instructor is not authorized to teach a KISS rebreather course. A suspension may lead to termination.

Any KISS instructor that fails to meet the required obligations, has violated teaching standards, has been placed on suspension or probation, or failed to conduct themselves accordingly as a professional instructor, maybe terminated as a KISS instructor.

KISS Rebreather LLC reserves the right to suspend or terminate any KISS instructor, should they violate KISS Rebreather LLC standards or procedures.

It is the goal of KISS Rebreather LLC to ensure that we work with our instructors, to ensure they understand the importance of proper training procedures.

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