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KISS Rebreathers

KISS Rebreathers offers the following 5 production models. This page provides an short overview of each unit, and some general differences between them. More detailed information and pricing may be found on each rebreather's respective page. 

Only certified KISS rebreather divers may purchase units. If you are not yet a certified KISS diver, please visit our training page to learn more about the process. 

KISS Orca Spirit Rebreather

KISS Spirit

The KISS Spirit rebreather is a lightweight fully-closed back-mount unit, for divers of all levels. It is lightweight, and perfectly suited for traveling divers in temperate to moderate climates, for dives up to 90 meters deep.


The KISS Spirit uses your lean (or left side) bailout bottle as your diluent bottle, saving weight on your back and simplifying the configuration. The dual scrubber design provides a redundant, and space efficient method for CO2 gas scrubbing. 

Available in a wide range of configurations, the Spirit may be built to suit your needs. 

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KISS Sidewinder Rebreather

KISS Sidewinder

The KISS Sidewinder has taken the sidemount diving community by storm. This innovative design splits the canisters up to either side of the diver's abdomen. The counterlung design allows for a gas pathway between the canisters, while allowing and easy hydrostatic work of breathing not found in any other sidemount rebreather design. 

The Sidewinder, is available in a number of configurations, and may be custom-built to suit your exact needs. 

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KISS Classic Explorer Rebreather

KISS Classic

The KISS Classic is the original design that put KISS Rebreathers on the map 25 years ago. This tried and tested concept has undergone minor improvement upgrades over the last 2 decades, but remains largely the same as first designed by Gordon Smith, founder of KISS Rebreathers. 

The KISS Classic offers better work-of-breathing characteristics, and is better sited for 100m trimix diving. It is benchmark rebreather for hardcore cave explorers around the world. 

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KISS Sidekick Rebreather

KISS Sidekick

The KISS Sidekick is a sidemount rebreather, ​designed for cave and sump divers that are pushing the boundaries of exploration diving. It is a specialty rebreather, and as such requires specially training. This unit is not suitable for entry-level rebreather divers. 

The KISS Sidekick is available as both semi-closed and fully-closed configurations. 

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KISS GEM rebreather


The KISS GEM​ is a compact, travel-friendly semi-closed rebreather. It was designed as a 'gas extender' utilizing a revolutionary magnetic-valve DSV. It's semi-closed properties allow for no electronics.


It's about as simple and compact as a rebreather can get. 

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