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Phil Short - KISS SIDEWINDER Intro Testimonial

“As a cave explorer and instructor I have always searched for the best in equipment to increase safety on my cave dives whilst extending comfort and performance capabilities. Until recently my quest for a side mount rebreather to give access to smaller sections of larger caves or to side mount only caves has involved units that are effectively re workings of their back mount origins and although many of these units were excellent they were for me not the route I was looking for. During a week of back mount rebreather cave diving in Mariana I was lucky enough to meet Edd Sorensen and get the opportunity to do a demo dive on the KISS Sidewinder. 

The 1 hour session on land with Edd where he ran through the layout, functionality and design features of the unit was eye opening and the short demo dive in the head pool of Jackson Blue spring enough to realise that for my side mount rebreather requirements (Side mount passages in Florida cave & longer sump exploration in UK and European caves) this was the way forward! The simplicity as the KISS name has come to be known for, tough build quality and design were excellent and in water the trim and work of breathing were exceptional! I’m really looking forward to completing cross over training to the Sidewinder rebreather and getting it into some wonderful little places!”

- Phil Short

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