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KISS DSV - New & Improved!

KISS Rebreathers is happy to announce that the KISS DSV is now better than ever. Mike took a good look at the design, and re-created the DSV to have fewer O-rings, and the key O-rings that remain are sturdier, so no tools required for assembly/disassembly! The new design will also have bigger and softer mushroom valves that have a better work of breathing. On the outside it will look similar, but as you can see the mushroom valve holders will be white, with the mushroom valves black. This new mouthpiece will start shipping on new units soon!

For those that have a KISS DSV already, upgrades are available! Contact Kim at for a service form to get started. $147.00 will get you updated parts - all service work is free & the mushroom valves are FREE!

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