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KISS Sidewinder

Redefining the sidemount rebreather

The KISS Sidewinder rebreather has taken on the industry by storm, and has proven to be the most popular sidemount rebreather ever. 

The Sidewinder's innovative split canister design allows for the smallest profile while maintaining perfect hydrostatic work of breathing while diving. 

KISS Sidewinder Sidemount Rebreather
KISS Spirit Rebreather

KISS Spirit

Lightweight simplicity

A trimix-capable rebreather that weighs less than 40 lbs ready to dive, this rebreather is the most travel-friendly unit for divers of all levels. 

Available in a wide range of custom options, the KISS Orca Spirit is ready to go wherever you are headed. 

We encourage all KISS rebreather owners to register with us, regardless if you bought the unit new or used. 


It's quick and easy! 

KISS Rebreathers Diver Registration
KISS Rebreathers video
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