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KISS Owners - NEW & USED

We encourage all KISS rebreather owners, new or used, to ensure that they are registered with us. 

Due to the nature of our industry, there are times when important information, product updates or recalls must be passed on to our divers. KISS Rebreathers do not engage in email marketing unless you specifically opt-in. In accordance with our privacy policy, we do not sell, trade, or give out your personal information. 

KISS owners who purchased new units, should also ensure that they are registered with us. If you purchased through a dealer, we may not have the required information on file for you.

NOTE: While KISS strongly encourages proper training, KISS divers who purchased used units should not be discouraged from registering if they are not trained. 

KISS Registration Form

In the following fields, please enter the KISS rebreather you currently own. Do not list rebreathers you no longer own. 

If you own more than 2 units, please submit the form, refresh the page and fill it out again with your additional rebreathers listed. 

If you submit duplicate entries, that's fine. We can sort it out on our end. 

Thank you for registering!

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