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"The SIDEWINDER concept was originally developed for a Marine Corps veteran with an inspiring personality, Joshua Hotaling, who took up diving as therapy, found his way into technical diving and cave diving. He loves side mount diving and wanted a side mount rebreather. I believe this would be a severe balance challenge with the current side mount rebreather's on the market. I promised him I would work on it until I had one for him. This is how the KISS Sidewinder got started. After diving the first prototype I was hooked. Many people have said the same thing. Thank you Josh for the inspiration to get this started!"

- Mike Young

Sidemount rebreathers have historically taken on the form factor of a sidemount open circuit tank. While this design attempts to mimic the streamlining of a sidemount cylinder, often hydrostatic work of breathing issues result if the unit isn't perfectly rigged and mounted. Even when it is, the work of breathing is only optimal when in certain diving positions.

The KISS Sidewinder rebreather solves these issues by splitting the canisters on the diver's left and right sides. These are connected by one 8-liter counterlung, which spans across the diver's back. The result is a super clean, streamlined configuration which provides excellent work of breathing in most diving orientations.

KISS Sidewinder Specs:
  • Depth rating: 300 fsw / 91 msw
  • Scrubber Type: bi-axial design
  • Scrubber Capacity: 6.2 lbs. with Molecular 797 Grade (812 Mesh) Sofnolime.
  • Weight: Complete with BOV, harness and wing (minus tank and sorb) 21-lbs. / 9.5 kg.

The KISS Sidewinder does not include:

  • Since most sidemount divers already own a sidemount harness they like, the Sidewinder does not include a sidemount harness or wing.
  • Oxygen tank
  • Pressure gauges
  • Diluent/Bailout regulator(s) and tanks

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