The KISS Team

Mike Young

Owner, KISS Rebreathers

Mike’s desire for diving and reaching areas unseen has led him to custom build many of his own products. Through his background in engineering and manufacturing, he had become affiliated with both Hollis and KISS Rebreathers for a number of years. In that time he was influential in the design of a number of diving systems, including the development of the KISS GEM gas extender rebreather.

In addition to overseeing production and designs for new equipment, Mike’s interest to explore is still very much alive. As a result Mike is a member of the Advance Diver Magazine Exploration Team, as well as the US Deep Caving Team. His exploits include the J2 expedition back in 2010, exploring a system in southern Mexico that is 1200 meters deep and required two days of extreme caving just to reach the water. In 2011, Mike and the deep caving team mapped an underground river system in Puerto Rico that totaled over 23 kilometers in length, making it the world’s longest underground river. Some of the area surveyed had never been seen by human eyes before. More recently, while exploring and mapping submerged caverns in the Yucatan peninsula, Mike also discovered a fully intact Mayan vase dating back 1300 years.

Between Mike’s passion for exploration, and actively working on new concepts and designs to further enhance our ability to explore our world underwater, we expect more great things to come!

Kim Mikush

General Manager

Kim has been scuba diving since 1990 and has been diving the KISS rebreathers and involved in the company since 1999. She has a business background and is a former dive shop owner. As she expanded her personal diving horizons, her interest grew to include technical and rebreather diving. She has also worked in the finance and securities industry. ​

While Kim was the owner of KISS Rebreathers, she ensured that good business practices were followed, quality equipment and parts were provided, and ensured proper training procedures were in place. She was also instrumental in designing a Quality Assurance program for KISS Rebreather's under the ISO standard as well as making KISS Rebreathers a member of the Rebreather Education & Safety Association (RESA). Kim is one of the officers of RESA and KISS Rebreathers currently holds the position of President. She is located in the Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada.

Lynnette Qualls

Office Manager

Lynnette serves as our office mom, keeping the shop running smoothly, and paying the bills.

Tony Bryant


A retired Colonel from the US Army, Tony helps with product assembly. His constant upbeat spirit makes coming to work fun!

Joe Heinrichs


Tony Land

Tony Land

CAD Design and Webmaster

A KISS trimix instructor, Tony works full-time as the General Manager for Divetech in Grand Cayman. In addition, Tony serves as the KISS CAD designer, (computer-aided-design) work, and helps turn the visions of Mike Young into 3D computer models for simulation and manufacture.


KISS VIP's are explorers and industry professionals who use KISS products, top dealers and instructors, and social influencers. 

Doug Ebersole

Industry Professional

Douglas Ebersole, M.D. is an interventional cardiologist at the Watson Clinic in Lakeland, Florida and cardiology consultant to Divers Alert Network. He was scuba certified in 1974 and has been diving KISS Rebreathers since 2003. He began teaching KISS Rebreathers in 2005 and is a CCR full trimix instructor for both IANTD and TDI. Doug enjoys traveling the world and is an avid diving educator and underwater photographer. If oxygen and sorb are available wherever he goes, Doug will be on his KISS!

Jacek Konikowski

Top Instructor

The owner of Aquatek Diving Center, Jacek is the only full trimix Sidewinder instructor in Europe. He also uses the Kiss Sidekick unit as a bailout breather. For several years he has been carrying out projects in the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia, where he explores, surveys and maps virgin caves.

Helmuth Biechl

Top Instructor

Helmuth Biechl, of Deep Wreck Diving, has been an active KISS diver and an Instructor Trainer since 2005, teaching up to Advanced Trimix​ for the Classic KISS. A diver from a young age, he has been teaching since 1979, and moved to technical and cave diving soon after. He earned his cave instructor rating in 2000. With many years of experience, his unit of choice for cave and mine diving is the Classic KISS. Helmuth has over 4000 logged dives.

Edd Sorenson

Top Instructor

Edd Sorenson (born October 17, 1959) is a technical cave diver known for numerous rescues of lost or trapped divers in the underwater caves of Florida particularly in Vortex Springs and Blue Springs Recreational Park. He is the owner of Cave Adventures in Marianna, Florida.

Joanna Konikowska

Product Representative

The owner of Aquatek Diving Center, Joanna's dedication, and organizational skills, are what keep this company running.

Gayle Orner

Social Media Influencer

Gayle spent many years diving in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to frequently seeking out critters along the California, Washington, and Oregon coasts, she volunteered as a diver at the Oregon Coast Aquarium and as a scientific diver for Oregon State University.

Woody Alpern

Social Media Influencer

One of KISS Rebreathers most outspoken and passionate divers. Frequently you will see his presence on social media, as well as many dive sites, showing his passion for KISS Rebreather diving, the environment, & his family.

Sandra Clopp

Social Media Influencer

Sandra Clopp runs Urban Manta, a technical and recreational scuba training facility based in NYC. She’s been divemastering all over the world since 2004 and teaching since 2006. She is a TDI Helitrox instructor who teaches over 20 specialties and is Tec 100 cave CCR trained.

Adrian Gonzalez

Social Media Influencer

Adrián González is a retired Spanish police officer (GREIM) and caver who started diving in 2006 with the goal of diving in caves. Cave diving has become his hobby and passion, and he now enjoys diving and collaborating with great Spanish and English cave divers. He became an instructor in 2015.

Josh Hotaling

Social Media Influencer

Josh is a combat-wounded US Marine, who found diving as a new hobby after his military service. Josh is the inspiration for the development of the Sidewinder rebreather, and now works with the non-profit group Ranger Road.

Rick Stanton,


In cave diving there are two different styles; technical divers who dive in flooded caves but rarely leave the water and cavers who dive but treat the flooded section as a barrier to finding further dry cave. Rick Stanton is a rarity in that he is at the top of both disciplines. Time and again he has exhibited a knack for pushing beyond the limits at which others believed the cave to have ended.

Brian Kakuk


Brian is a former U.S. Navy Diver with over 30 years of professional diving experience. His work has taken him beneath nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers, to jumping from helicopters into 10- foot seas to recover million-dollar weapon systems, to record penetrations of underwater cave systems around the world.

Cristina Zenato


A professional diver since 1994, Cristina is an ocean and cave explorer, a shark expert, a speaker, writer and conservationist. Among her qualifications, Cristina is a PADI Course Director, NSS-CDS Advanced Cave Diving Instructor and a TDI mixed gas instructor and she specializes in the Shark Handling courses and interactive dives.

Jason Mallinson


Jason Mallinson learnt his tradecraft in the cold murky sumps of North Yorkshire, England in the early 90’s, where side-mount solo cave diving was the norm. From these sound foundations he quickly progressed to mixed gas diving, and before the time that rebreathers were in mainstream cave diving, long range multi-stage OC dives were carried out mainly in mainland Europe.

Jason Richards


Jason Richards makes cave maps and conducts exploration all over the Western Hemisphere. His most popular maps include the 40 mile long Blue Spring Cave in White county, Tennessee; Hole in the Wall Cave in Marianna, Florida; Wet Dream Cave, Vancouver Island, Canada, and The Cenote Crustacea cave system in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

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