June KISS Classic Special

Looking to jump into a New KISS Classic Rebreather this year?

KISS Rebreathers is offering special 10% off the regular price on a KISS Classic Explorer package which includes sensor plate with hardwired Shearwater PPO2 only display (upgradable to a full Petrel), O2 & diluent first stages, Standard Counterlung Case, 2 Counterlungs and Loop Hoses with HOLLIS BOV for $5,737.00 USD!

In order to get it at this price, we must have the order along with a $500 deposit before the end of this month, as this special $630 savings ends June 30th, 2015.

For more info, Click Here. Or contact your local KISS Dealer or us for additional pricing and ordering information.


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Wow, thanks so much to Jon Bernot of Cave Country Dive Shop for sending us his comments on the KISS Sidekick CCR diving system. As our team leader, Mike Young, is an avid explorer he just loves hearing that the gear he designs and builds is helping other divers achieve their dreams! Jon, so glad you are loving the KISS Sidekick!
KISS Rebreathers will be attending DEMA 2015 Show taking place November 4-7 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Come visit us in booth #1649